Behind the scenes of building Celi

Posted May 9, 2023

Since the beginning, we've documented every decision, data point, and detail in the development of Celi, the networked utility product that knows your friends' most important dates and reminds you of them by email, text, and WhatsApp.

Here they are, in order:

1. My First Experiment: How I’m using Typeform to build a consumer utility app

2. What I learned from using a Typeform survey to build a company

3. Celi's beta test is live, now what?

4. How Celi fails

5. Why I'm building Celi slow

6. Gentle reminders for Celi's hardest days

7. Bootstrapping on a Budget: 21 frugal hacks that kept Celi afloat

8. How I validated and beta-tested my product in 3 months for only $846

9. How Tyler, the Creator shaped Celi

Next: Everything, before anything

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