How Celi is different than your calendar or birthday app

Posted October 16, 2023

In order to celi a birthday or beyond date, you first need to know the date exists, then you need to be reminded of it.

To know a birthday or beyond date exists requires seeking, capturing, and cataloging each date, one by one. 

To be reminded of the date, requires remembering or relying on a notification system.

Before detailing how celi streamlines both of these, let’s look at the solutions that calendars and birthday apps offer.


Whether physical or digital, calendars require manual management. 

For a date to appear on your calendar, you need to enter it. 

To be reminded of the date requires you to have the daily habit of looking at your physical calendar, or a proper notification system in your digital calendar.

Reminding and remembering aren't that difficult.

What’s challenging is populating your calendar with all the birthday and beyond dates of your most important relationships.

To do so, requires making a list of your people, asking each of them for their birthday and beyond dates, then entering each date into your calendar, one by one. 

You also have to remember to set the calendar event to repeat annually, or manually transfer these dates to next year's calendar if physical. 

To be blunt, that’s way too much effort, has too many points of failure, and is why 92% of your peers have forgotten a birthday or beyond date.  

Birthday Apps

Birthday apps, like calendars, require manual management. 

Populating your birthday app with every birthday and beyond date of your most important relationships, requires making a list of your most important people, asking each of them for their birthday and beyond dates, then entering each date into your app, one by one.

The advantage that birthday apps have over calendars is at the notification level. 

Birthday apps are able to send email, text, or push notifications, making remembering these dates a little easier. 

Still not solutions

With these two options, an overwhelming amount of your peers still forget and miss their network's most important dates. 

92% have forgotten a birthday

76% have forgotten a friend's important life date

75% have tried and failed to solve this problem

Calendars and birthday apps prolong the problem of forgetting birthday and beyond dates.

Celi solves it, forever.

How Celi is different

The problem of forgetting a birthday or beyond date has two elements: knowing the date and being reminded of the date. 

In our opinion, being reminded of a date is easy to solve. 

It requires the creation of a notification system that sends directly to an individual's priority inbox. 

On Celi, our reminder notifications are sent directly to your priority inboxes by text, email, and WhatsApp.

The true problem Celi solves is knowing your network's most important dates.

We knew that we needed to replace the manual efforts and errors of seeking, capturing, and cataloging each date, one by one. 

The first fix is to replace the manual capture and cataloging of each event, with a form (your PAC link) that your friends and family can add their own important dates to, that when submitted populate your Celi.

Seems like a solution, right?

It’s not. 

What happens when that individual, who just filled out the form you sent them, is asked to do it again next week, and then the week after?


We need to augment your friends and family as well. 

On Celi, when that individual uses your PAC link to add their most important dates, we save their information, create their account, and connect your accounts to each other, so neither of you miss a moment again.

Then, they're able to use Celi as well.

Celi eliminates effort, and solves both problems with a simple locally networked product.

Once you create your account, all you need to do is share your PAC link with anyone you’d like to add to your Celi. 

Then, any day when one of your connections has a date to celi, we’ll remind you with a text, email, and WhatsApp, and vice versa. 

But, social media

At its core social media is incentivized to extend your session time. 

That’s why users today see a high volume of ads or suggested posts disguised as “for you” content. 

Social media wants you to have a high quantity of connections, followers, or friends, and wants you to spend as much time as you have scrolling their feeds so they can monetize your attention to advertisers.

On social media, you are the product, and advertisers are the customers.

Celi is the opposite. 

Celi wants to be “the app you never log in to,” and we believe we’ll get there one day. 

We killed the feed, created a home for your local network, and incentivize quality connections. 

Social media is also limited to birthdays, which means you'd miss out on 60+ of your friends' and family's most important dates each year.

Celi also combats a loneliness epidemic, and reduces the discrimination, prejudice, and violence against marginalized and minority groups that thrives on social media. 

More on that later. 


Celi is the solution

In building Celi, we benefited from the omissions of previous solutions and solved the problem of forgetting your most important people’s most important dates, with a simple product.

If you want to never miss a birthday or beyond date again, do less. 

Ditch your calendar or app, and just create, connect, celi.

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