The Celi Index

Posted October 15, 2023

Celi is a verb. 

Short for celebrate, and like Uber, Google, and Venmo, Celi is both our name and how you use us.  

When you “celi someone,” you center them.

You recognize them for who they are, what makes them unique, and are celibrating their most important dates with them.

Those dates, like Celi, we mostly made up.

Here’s what they all mean:

Beyond the birthday

My dad used to say “opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.”

I never fact checked him on that, but the same is true for birthdays, everyone’s got one. 

What's also true is that there are other, equally or more important, dates that occur each year that define who we are.

Unfortunately, neither the Mesolithic nor Meta, ever captured these.

That’s why we went ahead and included beyond the birthday dates on Celi.

Add and share yours, discover and celi theirs.

Annual Date

An annual date is a beyond the birthday date that happens each year.

All 15 of Celi’s founding dates are annual dates. 

On Celi, you’re only responsible for your own dates, and you can add as many annual dates as you’d like.


A birthday is the anniversary of the day someone was born. 

Birthdays represent another year of life. They are an opportunity to celi a person, make them feel special, and use those trick candles that relight themselves after being blown out.

Child’s Birthday

A child's birthday is the anniversary of the day your child was born.

As their parent, you can add your children's birthdays as your own annual dates.

Once you hit a certain age, most of your friends will have children, and their children’s birthdays will be their most important dates.

Thanks to Celi, you’ll never miss one, or forget your friend’s children’s names again. 


Anniversaries on Celi are how we show a little skin.

And, we celi more than just legally recognized ones too. 

You can add your wedding anniversary, partnership anniversary, relationship anniversary, or any other anniversary you and your partner(s) may want to celi.


A workiversary refers to the anniversary of the date when you started working at a particular company or organization. 

You work an average of 99,840 hours of your life. You’re damn right we’re going to celi it. 

Unlike our peers, when it’s your workiversary on Celi, you’ll hear from your closest people, not strange connections, who want to celi the career you're dedicating your life to building. 


A soberversary marks the date an individual began their sobriety or abstinence from drugs, alcohol, or other substances. 

For a person in recovery, this is arguably the most important milestone of their year. 

When you celi someone’s sobriety, you're letting them know you admire them and that you’re in their corner. 

Remembrance Day

Remembrance day’s memorialize those who have passed.

They provide an opportunity to celi a person’s life and legacy, and make sure that though they may be gone, they’ll never be forgotten.

You can choose to remember your loved ones on their day of passing, birthday, or both.

Arrival Day

Arrival days mark the date an individual first arrived to their new country of residence. 

Often called an immigration date, we wanted to make sure Celi user’s have the chance to share their origin story with their new neighbors. 


A citizenshipversary marks the day an individual became a citizen of a new country. 

Citizenship is membership. It forms a lifelong bond between an individual and their new home. 

It comes with rights and privileges, duties and responsibilities, and...taxes. 

Pet’s Birthday

For many, pet’s are thought of as children. 

While we didn’t start this trend, we’ll celi it.

Since pet parents can be a bit picky, a pet’s birthday can be their actual birthday, or gotcha day.


A healthversary marks the anniversary of a meaningful health milestone. 

While we’re thrilled you’re over that nasty cold, the more appropriate use for a healthversary includes transplants, remission dates, and post accident mobility. 

The moments that give someone a new lease on life.


An outversary is the anniversary of when someone openly declared or revealed their sexual orientation or other aspect of their authentic self to others.

Outversaries commemorate an act of courage, acknowledge the challenges of coming out, and promote pride and visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community.


A rebirthday is the day a person transitioned or came out as their true gender identity.

Rebirthdays are days of validation, affirmation, and recognition.

They promote transgender visibility and pride, and spread awareness of the transgender experience.


Sometimes called a gotcha day, an adoptionversary marks the date a child was adopted or the date an adopting parent became a forever parent to their child. 

On Celi, you can add and celi both.

Either way, we’re just happy about your forever family. 

Founder’s Day

A founder's day marks the date an entrepreneur started their company or organization. 

Often a lonely, stressful, yet rewarding journey, founder’s days are opportunities to let your founder friends know you believe in them and admire what they’re building. 


Short for possesive pronoun, pronis help Celi send grammatically correct notifications.

But also, using requested pronouns demonstrates basic respect and validation of a person’s identity. 


Connections on Celi create your local network.

Often friends, family, or co-workers, your connections receive notifications on any day you have a date to celi, and vice versa.

The easiest way to add a new connection to Celi, is to use your PAC link.

PAC Link

Your PAC link is the easiest way to add a new connection to your Celi. 

Short for pre-approved connection link, when a friend uses your PAC link to create their account, we'll automatically connect you to each other. 

Then, anytime they have a date to celi, we’ll remind you, and vice versa. 

Your PAC link can be found in your dashboard. Just copy it and paste it into a text, WhatsApp, email, or group chat with those who you want to add to your Celi.


On Celi, you’re only responsible for inputting your own dates. 

Anytime you make a connection, behind the scenes, Celi syncs your dates to each other’s notification queue, and reminds you of them when they arrive.

After creating your Celi account, all you need to do is connect with your friends. 

Date Discovery

Celi discovers your local network’s most important dates. 

When you make a new connection, Celi discovers and reminds you of their most important dates. 

This is what makes Celi so much different than calendars and birthday apps.

Previously, you would be responsible for discovering, cataloging, and reminding yourself of all of these dates. 

We thought that was way too much effort and had too many points of failure, so we fixed it.


Short for one time sign up, OTSU describes Celi’s account creation process. 

When you create an account on Celi, you first enter your login credentials, immediately double verify your account, then add your own dates. 

That’s it. You’re ready to celi.

When building Celi, many people advised us to “get users into your product as soon as possible” then “block certain features until they complete their profile”

We 100% disagree with this.

While it may produce great vanity metrics like high conversion rates, it’s a shitty experience for the user. 

We didn’t want to restrict features, nor bifurcate your time and attention. 

We just want to help you celi your people.

That’s why we designed Celi’s OTSU experience.


Celi created and uses DIV, Double Identity Verification®, to confirm and protect your identity.

DIV is step 2 in Celi’s OTSU account creation experience and includes sending you two codes by email and text, that you need to enter in clearly marked fields on your screen.

This :30 second process prevents anyone else from creating an account with your information, and keeps Celi safe and secure for everyone.

Time to celi

As more dates and terms are added to Celi, we’ll define them here. 

Until then, we invite you to create, connect, and celi.

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