How Celi works

Posted October 18, 2023

Using Celi can be summarized into three words: Create, connect, celi.

Create your profile with your own important dates.

Connect with friends, family, and co-workers to learn their important dates.

Celi your connections when we remind you of their important dates by email, text, or and WhatsApp. 

The basics

On Celi, you’re only responsible for your own dates.

For example, your birthday, soberversary, or anniversary, are all your own dates. 

Your husband’s birthday, friend’s workiversary, and cousin’s outversary, are not. 

Celi already knows these. 



Celi is a networked utility product. 

Like LinkedIn or Facebook, on Celi, once you add your dates, Celi then distributes and shares them with your connections so no one misses a moment again. 

Celi is also your local network. 

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook, on Celi your connections are personal and meaningful.


Create your profile with your own important dates.

To create your Celi profile, enter your contact information so we know where to send notifications, select a unique username that your friends can find and identify you on Celi with, and verify your account.

Then, enter your display name, pick your proni, and add as many of your own annual dates as you’d like. 

That’s it.


After you’ve created your profile, you can connect with friends, family, and co-workers.

This is how you learn their important dates, and how Celi knows what to remind you of and when.

Any day that one of your connections has an event to Celi, we’ll remind you by email, text, or WhatsApp, and vice versa.

The easiest way to make a new Celi connection is to use your PAC link.

Short for pre-approved connection link, when someone uses your PAC link to create their account, we'll automatically connect you to each other. 

Your PAC link can be found in your dashboard. Just copy it and paste it into a text, WhatsApp, email, or group chat with who you want to add to your Celi.


Once you’ve created your profile and made connections, it’s time to celi.

Any day when one of your connections has a date to celi, we’ll remind you with a text and email, or a WhatsApp and email, depending on your country code. 

When you have your own date to celi, we’ll remind your connections of it the same way. 

In time we’ll expand our delivery options to include additional inboxes, add the ability to receive reminders in advance of a connection’s date, and introduce a dashboard to view your daily digest and upcoming dates.

Give us a bit of time though, we’re only a few months old.

When we grow up, we’d like to be known as “the app you never have to log in to.”

Time to celi

If you’re wondering what you missed, let us comfort you by saying you haven’t missed a thing.

We intentionally built Celi to be this simple.

You create your profile, verify your account, and add your dates once, all in less than 3 minutes. 

Then you share your PAC link with whoever you want, whenever you want, and we’ll automatically connect you when they join Celi.

When it’s time to celi one of your connections, we’ll remind you, and vice versa.

Celi is your personal pocket assistant nudging you into more meaningful contact with your most important people, on their most important days.

Celi also happens to help reduce screen time, create more human connection, combat the loneliness epidemic, reduce discrimination, prejudice, and violence against marginalized and minority groups, and eliminate invisible work that disproportionately burdens women. 

But more on that later.

For now, it’s just time to celi.

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